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I am so lucky to have grown up in Scotland. Here I am at nine with my mother's haircut and my aunt's faithful and hard working sheepdog Kim who was happily unaware of my outfit!

Scotland truly is an inspirational place, full of magical dimensions- and they really are other dimensions - where you can lose yourself. Scotland is a sort of 3-dimensional fairy story complete with castles whose gardens contain mysterious mazes and in the distance mist-shrouded islands lie just beyond forbidding mountains - places where a winged dragon could fly overhead and be absorbed naturally into the landscape.

Even the cattle are out of this world - orange, comical, hairy, horned beasts that you have to see to believe. When you drive the one lane roads with their cattle grids, passing places and flocks of sheep wandering across the road, you come upon windswept lochs and heather covered purple mountains..welcoming inns..delightful out of the way pubs..a magical mystery tour for sure...

There are cities with narrow winding lanes, ancient churches with their time worn steps, cobbled streets and curious little shops.

So many wondrous sights for a child of any age.

I get to write about it. That is what I do. The idea came to me when I was in the United States - yes I get to do this and travel! - and a friend came to me all excited to tell me he was going to visit Scotland for the first time. He knew I had grown up somewhere over there, although he had no idea exactly where (!) so he asked me what he could expect to see, where he should head for, how to dress, what to do. After drawing a totally unsatisfactory map on a scrap of paper, with a myriad different places marked all over it, I came to the realisation we needed something more..pictures, directions, stories..altogether more information.

We needed a list of places to visit, an itinerary..how much of this fabled country can you cover if you only have a couple of weeks, or even a few days? I also realised that so many people knew very little about Scotland, let alone where to go when they got there. What? Never been to Scotland? Only been as far as London? "How much you have missed" I thought. Considering ways to let people know about my home country and all it has to offer I thought about the internet, but knew about as much of the internet as they knew about Scotland..very little!

Then I discovered a way that I could not only put all my information about Scotland on the internet for everyone to access with a few keystrokes, but I could also start my own internet business - do what I love to do, which is talk about Scotland - and make money doing it! My own small business, which was pet sitting, was keeping me at work every weekend and holiday, and I wanted to spend at least one Christmas at home..but how to do that? Money was short, and times are hard..

Then I discovered this thing called "Site Build It". It is the perfect vehicle. Not only does it explain how to build a web site, it explains how to build a profitable web site. They do all the "hard" stuff - the technicalities, all the analysis - all the research. In fact all the "business" side of your web site is taken care of by SBI. All you have to do is concentrate on telling your story, sharing your passion and they do the rest while you make the money from it. Yes - I actually make money from something I love to do, something which has always been my bliss - and that is Scotland. I get to talk about my home country - from home - to my fellow Scots, and honorary Scots, all over the world. I love this thing called SBI!

Joseph Campbell famously said "Follow your bliss!". Everyone, and I mean everyone, has their own personal bliss to follow. Whether it be a place, a hobby, an experience - a cause, everyone has something they truly care about. Everyone has something that is theirs and theirs alone that they would like to share, develop and even better - make a living from. Instead of travelling to work, you can travel where you want to go..

Someone else, I'm not sure who, (but I will find out!) said "Do what you love and the money will follow!". Writing about Scotland is what I love to do, and I have found it is true..the money does indeed follow. SBI gives you the chance to do just that...talk about what you love to do, from the place you want to do it, and do it on your terms, and make money from it! That's what SBI has done for me.

When you find your bliss, this is the perfect way to share it. For someone like me, a true lover of the great outdoors (and absolutely no computer savvy!) SBI will help you find your own idea, develop it, and seek out your audience in the simplest and most profitable way possible - and give you the freedom to pursue what you love best..

Although I have travelled all over the world, Scotland is where my own bliss still lies...but I envy all those who have yet to follow theirs or have still to discover their own passion.

Start to "follow your bliss" and learn about SBI by clicking on the icon below. It says "Did you ever love something so much you had to tell somebody?" Well I want to tell everybody...I want to share my love of SBI so you can share your passion...

Achieving success on the Net is not easy. That's why I built this site using Solo Build It!. If you've done any research at all about SBI!, you may have noticed the fake reviews that plague the search engines. This site

talks about those reviews and where they come from - SBI Scam site.

I Love Solo Build It!

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