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In the beginning there were some really useful travel guides..

I know everyone needs a book to take with them when they travel, and if it's the first time you've been to Scotland, you need a travel book! First of all I would like to recommend to you some excellent travel guides, packed with details about restaurants, roads, hotels, all the local sights, shopping, currency and weather..and so much fact all you need to know before you go.

I am going to add to this list over the coming months, but to begin with I want to recommend these travel guides. Also, you'll need something to read when you get there, and possibly on the way, so I also recommend, unlikely as it seems, THREE really gripping history books!


Frommers efficiently covers everything you need to know. Their books describe every corner of detail!

I really enjoy the Lonely Planet Travel books. Their guide gives his thoughts and ideas about where to go and how to see it in an informed and intelligent way. These folks really know their Scotland..they've been there and done that!

DK Eyewitness Travel Guides have superb illustrations. Compact sturdy book (easy to carry!) with wonderful diagrams of whisky making, detailed 3-D drawings of street layouts, a concise little history section, great maps...I love this one too...

1000 Churches to Visit in Scotland

Author: Scotland’s Churches Scheme
Paperback: 496 pages 869 b&w illustrations
Published: 2005 4th Edition

This is a wonderful book for those folks who love to visit ancient and historic churches in Scotland. Even if visiting churches is not the main focus of your trip, this book is the perfect guide to these beautifully preserved and out of the way churches...


if you ever thought history was boring, you'll change your mind when you read Lady Antonia Fraser's history stories. Her books are infinitely readable, human, gripping, and yes - truly exciting. I could not put down her books about Mary Queen of Scots. This lady, and she does have a title, is married to a famous playwright, and she does her research thoroughly. She must have royal contacts to know this much!

Antonia Fraser has written extensively about British royalty, but her repertoire also includes European royalty. I also recommend her wonderful biography of Marie Antoinette of France. The stories of these two tragic queens, Mary Queen of Scots and Marie Antoinette are both intriguing and horrifying. I recommend them both.

Lady Antonia Fraser's book about Marie Antoinette.

Ian Grimble's book about the Clans and their Chiefs and how they came into being is not only absorbing and well-written, it's witty and entertaining. There's a wealth of information about the clans here, going back to pre-history. This is excellent information, and Mr. Grimble gets his facts right. That is important as so much has been written about clans that is just not so.. I thoroughly recommend this one..

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