Scotland Spas Offer The Ultimate in Luxury

This is the famous Gleneagles Hotel, site of the 2005 G8 summit, about one hour's drive from Edinburgh

Spa at Gleneagles Hotel

There has always been a certain magic in the air in Scotland.. a magic that transports you away from the everyday - anyone who has been there will tell you that. Now the special hotels and resorts of Scotland have taken this magic to a whole new level in the form of sophisticated Spas offering everything from marine hydrotherapy to state-of-the-art fitness centres in order to allow this magic to regenerate and release you from everyday stresses and tensions.

Scotland spas are truly the ultimate in sophisticated luxury and offer a myriad of different ways to make you feel like whole new person..

This is the covered walkway to the Spa at Gleneagles...

Among the treatments offered are....

  • massage
  • aromatherapy
  • hot pools
  • spa waters and also...

  • heat and steam treatments
  • holistic treatments
  • saline waters of hydropool
  • ergonomic beds
  • hot stone therapy
  • Thai massage
  • purifying herb linen wrap
  • cleansing and detoxifying
  • facials

Now I'm not going to say who should be in the spa and who should be playing golf, but a lot of these resorts have both! This is the Golf Course at Gleneagles......

I have mentioned Gleneagles, but there are many of these Spas and Resorts to choose from including Stobo Castle,The Balmoral Hotel,St. Andrews Bay, Old Course Spa where you can relax, regenerate, luxuriate and renew...

..and play golf, go horse riding, fishing or just have lunch at the specially healthy restaurant..!!

This is the delightful Club Lunch Bar at Gleneagles..

You will return from Scotland's Spas feeling like a new person... Come to think of it, seems like a great idea for honeymooners, those who love luxury and romance, those who want to relax..sounds like all of us really!

Fishing at Gleneagles

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