Scotland Inverewe Garden A Surprising Tropical Paradise

Sir Osgood Mackenzie created a virtual Garden of Eden near Gairloch on Loch Ewe. Although Scotland contains many beautiful and unforgettable gardens, this must be one of the most exotic and famous of them all

Robin at Inverewe Garden

On Scotland's western rugged wind driven coast, on a similar latitude to Hudson Bay in Canada, he created a shelter by planting Scandanavian and Native pines. He imported soil,(possibly from Ireland) and set about creating such a thing of beauty..

Inverewe Garden is an unforgettable place, partly because of its sharp contrast to the surrounding scenery. Scotland is not usually associated with lush exotic flowers and tropical greenery, which is exactly what makes it so surprising.

water lily

This is thanks to a natural phenomenon called the North Atlantic Drift which brings the warm currents from the Caribbean, to this fifty acre garden which is a haven of tropical delight to everyone, even those of us who normally find gardens..well..just gardens.

Here you can see plants from Chile and South Africa, Oleria from New Zealand, and rhododenrons from the Himalayas. Strolling around the woodland walks you can view alternately the ocean and the changing moods of Loch Ewe.

Himalayan Rhododendron

From all over the world Mackenzie brought plants such as giant yuccas, phormiums and many other exotic species. The Walled garden is at its best from Spring to almost the end of summer but there are evergreens which make the garden green and lovely all year long.

One of several luxuriant lily ponds

This is the current house at Inverewe which is not open to the public. The original house was destroyed by fire

Some of the garden is formal and some of it has wilder sunny walkways

In addition to the garden, Inverewe is involved in conservation efforts including that of the habitat of the black throated diver, a rare and lovely bird similar to the loon

Inverewe Garden is family friendly, pushchairs are not a problem on the walkways and the Garden is open all year long. Free guided walks are from Monday - Friday at 1.30p.m.

The first time I saw Inverewe I was about 8 years old and it made a lasting impression on me. Growing up used to the bracken and heather, and never having set eyes on a palm tree, it was a revelation. I know that even children who are used to looking at palm trees will enjoy exploring Inverewe Garden's fifty acres. I hope to go back there myself very soon.

Here is a map to show you the location of Inverewe Garden

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