Scotland Luxury Cruises - Loch Ness and the Ethereal Outer Hebrides

Imagine cruising around this shimmering coastline in a luxurious ship...

Scotland luxury cruises offer you the opportunity to do just that..

This is the Hebridean Princess...her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her birthday cruising the Outer Hebrides in this lovely ship...

The Hebridean Princess carries just 49 guests and has a dedicated crew of 38. With 30 spacious, beautifully appointed cabins, this is The Way to see Scotland's ethereal Hebridean coast.

The Outer Hebrides are off the Western coast of Scotland, far removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life..

On this particular ship, you will not only rediscover tranquility, ..but also enjoy fine dining, and the best wine and service you can imagine..

The Hebridean Princess sets sail from Oban March to mid-November. Not only can you luxuriate aboard ship, but you can also enjoy guided walks in some of the most remote and beatiful areas of Scotland.

After enjoying all the fine food, you can work out in her gym, or borrow some fishing tackle or a bicycle when you get to your destination..

The beautiful and romantic Outer Hebrides

It's perfectly possible to see a basking shark while you're out cruising..

And perhaps puffins, otters, dolphins, golden eagles, and seals amongst a host of other wonderful wild life...

The Puffin, the bird with the wonderful personality!

There's another wonderful way to see Scotland's waterways and that's on a luxury sailboat...

You can explore castles, remote beaches, breathtaking scenery and let someone else do the skippering..these cruises offer trips to the Caledonian Canal and fabled Loch Ness....and include recording equipment just in case you spot the equally fabled Nessie...

For more details about these magnificent sailing trips visit Sail Scotland at I know you'll love Loch Ness..just being there and scanning the water's surface is captivating. I spent hours there, searching, but I never spotted least I don't think I did, although come to think of it..I did see something, maybe it was just a log....

The other intriguing way to see Scotlands lochs, rivers and waterways is by barge. This particular barge is smaller, accommodating only 8 passengers.

It will take you to many historic and scenic spots some of which include Cawdor Castle (home to MacBeth), Glencoe, (where the infamous feud between the Campbells and the McDonalds took place), the battlefield of Culloden, and moors overnight at the 13th century Urquart Castle. It also cruises Loch Ness and the Caledonian Canal where you can see wildlife and more enchanting Scottish Scenery.

This is Glencoe in early summer..
For more information about this barge visit (Scotland).

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