Enchanting Scotland!

by Shirley

Anyone who has read Enid Blyton books, the ‘Famous Five’ series and ‘Nancy Drew’ stories in their childhood would know what enchanted means!
That is exactly what Scotland is all about. It’s a picturesque country, with spell binding castles and winding scenic roads, glorious mountains and serene lakes.

Castles hold a special place in my heart since I was a child. They bring a feeling of mystery, thrill, excitement, romance and adventure to my mind.

If you have ever gone to visit an empty castle, you would know what I am talking about. The minute you walk inside, you start to imagine the kind of people who lived there, their life style, their era and the environment.

Scotland takes you back many centuries, and suddenly the pace of life slows down. That is what I love best about it. It is such a striking contrast from our normal chaotic daily life where the horns are always blaring, the bills are always piling and the days are simply spinning by.

Beautiful cattle can be seen grazing in the pastures and the road to Edinburgh simply stuns you with its beauty. The air is chilly but fresh. It hits you in the face with an impact and leaves you feeling breathless and flushed.

Compared to other European countries, I found Scotland one of the most likeable and charming places in the world. Its wilderness and out-of-the-ordinary sightseeing is what makes it stand out. This doesn’t mean that Scotland is for retired people only! Oh no! It has its night life and festivities, its celebrations and entertainment.

All major sports like golf, horse riding, sailing and skiing are done here on a professional level.

Why else do you think that Scotland currently ranks as number one on the Royal family’s list of vacation destinations?

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