Returning home

by Patricia
(Titusville, PA, USA)

I was born in Kirkcaldy in 1956. I don't remember much of it. My parents emigrated to Canada in 1959. I returned home once in 1976 to visit family and I fell in love with Scotland. I have always had this heartache for my home. Funny I know, but I have. My daughter who is now 22 is coming to Aberdeen to study at the University and I am so proud and happy that she will get to spend some time in my home country and embrace her heritage. She is very excited about it. I have tried to instill in my kids the hertitage that my Dad taught me about. I will be coming with her in September to get her settled and I am so happy to be coming home. I have been homesick for much too long. My friends keep telling me that I better come back, as they are afraid my roots will pull me to stay. I am just so thankful that my daughter will have this time to find out about her heritage and meet the family that I still have in Scotland. I cannot wait to be there again.

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